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We can assist you in implementing your ideas. Implementation of projects and ideas that contribute to the development of our city - one of the main components of our center. Projects may include employment, community education, the arts, informal education, etc. Our team is open to helping you in the project. To implement the project you can get firsthand technical and informational support, and in some cases financial.

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Youth Centre

A free platform to support cultural and social iniatives within the city of Ternopil. Youth Centre is a place for trainings, project implementation, presentations, workshops, meetings, and leisure.


We have teamed to create new, high quality opportunities for active Ternopil youth by providing a variety of platforms.  

-Event venue with technical support

-Open space for the generation of ideas and project development

-Handicrafts shop and special products

-Creative masterclass for artistic development

-Outdoor space for recreational activities and bicycling


Yosyfa Slipoho St, 7

Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, 46001